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Welcome to the Beauticery!
I'm Jo-Anne, a Personal Stylist and your Style Coach.

I specialise in helping women like you boost their confidence, save time, and cut down on expenses by taking their style from good to great.

My mission is simple: I want to empower you on your styling journey, helping you find and create a style expression that is authentic to you and makes you feel fabulous and confident. Together, we will explore how to maximize the potential of your existing wardrobe and identify the missing pieces that will tie it all together.


It's always a good idea to invest in education and personal development and working with a Personal Stylist is exactly that!

The gift of style is truly invaluable, and it's something that everyone, not just the rich or famous, deserves to enjoy.

Consider these situations where having a Personal Stylist as part of your self-care team can be a game-changer:

  1. You're looking for a meaningful and priceless gift to make a woman you love (or yourself) feel cherished and fabulous.

  2. You're entering a senior position at work. You need to look the part and no longer have the time to ponder what to wear or go shopping. It's time to put your wardrobe on autopilot!

  3. You're entering the workforce and need assistance in curating a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and budget, allowing you to save time and money and find peace of mind in your clothing choices going ahead.

  4. Your current wardrobe has left you frustrated, and you're ready to streamline it by keeping what suits you, altering, selling, or donating what doesn't, all while creating a clear plan and budget for a fresh clothing collection.

  5. You want to embrace self-acceptance, feeling great about your body as it is right now, as you work towards your ideal self.

  6. If you're passionate about sustainable fashion and aspire to make a positive impact, I can guide you in shifting your mindset from quantity to quality, starting with your style choices. 

  7. You have good eyes, and your inner stylist wants to know more! You love learning and improving, and your style is one more area of your personal growth that you would like to grow in.

  8. You love clothes, and you want to level up your style knowledge and your style game!


Blurry Lights

Does this sound like the voice inside your head?
I have nothing to wear!
 Nothing fits!  What am I going to wear? 
I keep wearing the same things over and over. 

How do I work my magic?

It all starts with a conversation, a 30-minute Assessment call.


We'll discuss your style goals and address questions. I'll introduce my style services and offer tailored recommendations, and we'll schedule the necessary appointments upon your decision to proceed.

As a reward for your proactive approach, the assessment call fee will be a £30 discount on your next booking!

I'm all about crafting a wardrobe that's so "you" it practically does a happy dance in your closet. I'm talking about amazing clothes that make you feel fantastic and unstoppable within your budget. Working with a Personal Stylist isn't an indulgence; it's an investment in lifelong dressing skills and the gateway to conscious fashion.

Let's clarify your self-expression, be mindful of your purchases, and save money. No more trend-driven expenses – this is a one-time investment. I'm your style coach, ready to elevate your fashion game!

The only opinion that counts is yours when you look good when you look in the mirror. Say goodbye to aimless shopping sprees; we'll be savvy shoppers focusing on quality over quantity.

Imagine a wardrobe reflecting your authentic self; getting dressed is an empowering experience.

I'm your partner in style, ensuring your clothes bring joy to your everyday life.

Let's bid farewell to those "I have nothing to wear" moments – they're so last season


We recently hosted the thrilling Beauticery Win a Makeover Launch Competition, where we had a fantastic prize valued at £2000 that included:

  1. A 120-minute Beauticery Personal Styling Blueprint package, complete with a colour season fan and a detailed personalised style workbook.

  2. Expert personal shopping and styling by Beauticery in preparation for the portrait sessions.

  3. Professional hair styling by the award-winning Trigg Hair Studio.

  4. A two-hour makeup lesson and application in preparation for the portraits by the award-winning Colette Casher Makeup Artistry, along with comprehensive, personalised notes for future reference.

  5. A professional portrait session with Daniel Rannoch Portraits with a set of beautiful portraits to cherish.

  6. Styling assistance and moral support during the portrait session by Beauticery.

  7. To cap it all off, having a reveal and celebratory drinks with friends and family.

  8. Filing and editing of the event by professional videographers and editors, James Gilhooley Dislexic Films and Jay Thomson.

For updates on our future Win Makeover promotions, follow Beauticery on Facebook.

Your fantastic makeover experience could be just around the corner!

Here's what my clients say

Evelyn- Instructional Designer and Project Manager

Feisty 50's

"I appreciated Jo-Anne's professional and intuitive approach. She listened to me and was able to help me with a makeover that I never would've been able to pull off by myself. It was a journey, as my hair alone required a full day in the salon to go from dark to more natural. I felt sincerely cared for, and my feelings were taken into consideration every step of the way to reach my desired outcome. A new me for my new chapter in life!"

Service- 2-Day Makeover

Katherine-Business Writer

Fabulous 40's

"Jo-Anne is highly professional and a pleasure to interact with. She's also enthusiastic and fun! Her ability to mix and match my wardrobe so effortlessly impressed me the most. It gave me many more options without spending money on new clothes. I highly recommend her wardrobe edit service."

Service-Wardrobe edit


Fabulous 40's

"I'm typing this with my beautifully manicured fingers, sitting on the plane feeling very together and 10 kgs lighter. Thank you for working so hard to make this happen for me. You pushed hard to the final result and helped me be my best for this big week. It is something I've needed and neglected to do. Beyond the physical, it significantly boosts confidence, empowerment and happiness. I feel I can achieve anything this week! And into the future. I can't wait to do more with you. You have a great gift!"

Service- 2-Day Make-over

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