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Me in 2015, when my husband gave me
the gift of a Two Day Makeover

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My story...

These photos capture my style transformation and the event that motivated me to further my studies to qualify as a Personal Stylist and an Image Consultant.


It took me quite a while to come to terms with my role as a wife and mom after a long career in events, television, film and advertising, dressing talent and sets, coordinating events and managing art departments. It came with serious body image issues exasperated by an ongoing battle with depression. A surprise birthday gift of a two-day makeover and a substantial shopping budget, or my "mummy makeover," as I affectionately refer to it, helped me to enhance my appearance confidently, come to terms with my body and profoundly boosted my self-esteem.

My husband's thoughtful gesture revealed a new perspective on my self-image in these vulnerable moments. This experience led to three remarkable changes:

Body Image Reinvention: Shifting focus from insecurities and judgement, I discovered new information about myself that made getting dressed a practical and enjoyable experience.

Radiant Confidence: Vibrant colours and uplifting compliments ignited newfound self-assuredness.

Weight Loss Queries: Wearing flattering styles created a slimmer silhouette, sparking inquiries and motivating me to exercise and get my health on track.


Now, with an international move behind me and twin teenage boys, I'm realising my dream as a practising Personal Stylist. My passion lies in helping women like you discover your authentic style, come to terms with your body as it is right now, save money and time on clothing and take your style from good to great with confidence.

As women are pivotal in our communities, radiating confidence and positivity makes us a beacon of hope and inspiration.

While you explore my website, imagine the impact that working with a personal stylist as part of your self-care team could have on you, your family, and your community. 

My husband believes the following, "Happy wife, happy life." And your's?

Regardless of age or circumstances, investing in a makeover is one of the decisions you won't regret!

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