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Here is a list of the Beauticery service steps to follow.

Beauticery is not only about great style and buying more clothes. Beauticery is also your gateway to conscious fashion.

Here to help you reduce waste and redefine your style, saving you time and money.

As part of the journey, I'll introduce you to preloved treasures, sustainable fabrics, and bespoke creations, all ethically produced and sourced.

I'm sure you'd prefer it if your style looks and feels good and does good, too.

Explore the step-by-step style development program for maximum value, or customise your journey according to your needs. 



We have all the regular payment options for you and now you will also have the option of paying through Klarna.

This means that instead of using your credit card and paying large amounts of interest, you can pay your purchase over three equal payments interest-free. 

The only condition is to book and use your purchase within 28 days.

Purchases can be returned and refunded within 14 days if unbooked or unused.

No refunds for no-shows or after the expiration date.

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STEP 1- Assessment.             30 min      £30
Video/phone call 

It all begins with a conversation. If you're unsure what you need, this quick assessment is the perfect place to kick things off.

Let's have a confidential chat to explore your style, dreams, and needs. It's like having a virtual coffee date with a stylish twist! I'm all ears as you spill the beans about your style goals, current challenges, and what makes you feel fantastic. It's a judgment-free zone, just good vibes and style talk.


After our chat, you'll understand how I can be your style fairy godmother. Whether it's spicing up your work wardrobe for a new phase, perfecting your weekend look, or ensuring you have the best clothing capsule to suit your lifestyle,  I've got you covered.

Booking this assessment is like giving your fashion journey a turbo boost. You're not just getting a stylist – you're getting a style coach who's all about helping you shine.


Remember that the £30 for this call will be transferred as a discount towards the next service you decide to book during this call.

So get permission or whatever it is you need to book the call:)

STEP 2- Life, style and colour consultation       90 min    From £189  In person at my office or at your home      

Get ready for a triple treat in this appointment as we start creating your Style Blueprint session – it's all about you!

First, we'll dive into your life, exploring every nook and cranny to ensure your wardrobe aligns perfectly with your lifestyle. We'll chat about any changes or additions you've got in mind.

Then, it's time to spotlight your current style. We'll examine your fashion preferences and how happy you are with them, opening doors to exciting new possibilities that match your unique vibe.

Lastly, we'll uncover your personal colour season. Have you ever had someone ask if you were under the weather on a perfectly fine day? It's all about the colours you're wearing! We'll equip you with a colour fan that matches your season so you'll always look radiant and full of life.


What's in it for you:

  1. A fresh take on your lifestyle and wardrobe needs.

  2. Crystal-clear insight into your signature style.

  3. Confidence in adding flattering colours to your collection.

  4. A Personalised Style Blueprint Workbook with all the gems from our session.

  5. A colour fan, tailored to your unique season.

STEP 3- Figure analysis and capsule demo.      90 min       From £189
In person at your home          

Ready to unlock the treasure chest of your body's unique assets?

Welcome to the second part of the Style Blueprint, where we dive deep into understanding your magical proportions.

Forget about being a pear, an apple, or a cylinder – it's all about embracing your body and discovering how to optimise it.

We'll discuss what you love most about your body and what you might want to highlight or play down. This session is all about celebrating you and embracing every fantastic feature.

By the end, your personalised workbook will be your trusty sidekick, packed with insights and pro tips. Whether you're aiming for a sleeker look or want to emphasise those curves, you'll have the knowledge to make it happen.


This session goes beyond fashion – it's about coming to terms with your body, boosting your confidence and walking a little taller, knowing you're putting your best self out there.

I'll also do a 12-piece clothing capsule demonstration for you using your clothes. Prepare to be amazed at how few items you need to create many outfit options.


If you're ready to celebrate your body, boost your confidence, learn how to optimise your clothing and step out feeling fantastic, let's connect!

Your perfect silhouette is just around the corner.

What's in it for you:

  1. Empowerment through a fresh perspective on your body.

  2. Confidence that your wardrobe enhances your body shape and personal image.

  3. Part two of your personalised Style Blueprint workbook with all the gems from the session and style tips and tricks.

  4. A capsule formula for a 12-piece clothing capsule and how to optimise it to create outfits for a month.

STEP 4 - Wardrobe Edit.                            120 min                 From £219
In person at your home 

Welcome to the Wardrobe Edit – where we shop in your closet, transform your style, and create a clothing collection that genuinely suits you and your lifestyle. As your style sidekick, I'll help you sort your clothing like a pro. No judgments, just good vibes. We'll stick to your Style Blueprint and curate a capsule of clothing that gives you joy and makes it easy to put together effortless outfits that take the guesswork out of what to wear.


Together, we'll figure out what stays, what needs some TLC to bring it back to life, what's ready to spread some love, and what's missing to make your wardrobe a symphony of style.


Get ready for mornings that feel like a breeze and outfits that make you go, "Hey, gorgeous!" to yourself in your mirror. Let's turn your closet into a happiness hub, one hanger at a time.


Ready for the wardrobe magic?


The wardrobe edit is a minimum 2-hour appointment, depending on the size of your clothing collection. I can give you a more accurate quote for the task when I'm at your home for your Step 3 appointment, with options on only going through your everyday clothes or including formal wear, coats, shoes, bags and accessories.


What's in it for you:

1. A guided declutter and reorganise of your wardrobe.

2. Confidence that the items that stay are correct and excellent.

3. Tips on wardrobe systems to keep it tidy and items accessible.

4. A detailed shopping list of critical items that will add an element of cohesion to your collection.

STEP 5 - After the wardrobe edit.
Additional service options if required                                          

The wardrobe edit will leave you with exciting categories and tasks to wrap things up, and here are the ways that I can assist you with that.

You'll have:

 1. Items to Keep: These treasures stay put, and I'll make some suggestions on the Edit day of a few quick systems to help organise your wardrobe and allow easy access. However, if you are looking for budget-friendly wardrobe systems to spark long-term joy, we can discuss how I could assist you and tailor a service fee accordingly.

 2. Items to Donate: Let go of items that no longer serve you; they'll find a new purpose with a charity. And guess what? I'll gladly take these off your hands and drop them off at the charity shop where I volunteer – no charge!

 3. Items to Gift: Spot something that would make a perfect gift for someone you know, and that's great. If you ever change your mind and need help repurposing the item, reach out – I've got your back.

 4. Items to Sell: Unearth those nearly new gems in your wardrobe, and let's turn them into your clothing budget. I'm ready to assist you in selling high-quality items for a small 20% commission on the final sale price.

 5. Items to Change or Tailor: Elevate your style with clothing that looks tailor-made for you. We can even explore reconstruction options for a fresh spin on your favourite items. Count on me to get creative and help you achieve your vision. Service fees are tailored accordingly.

STEP 6 - Personal shopping.                                                     From £60 
Exclusive only to clients who have completed their Style Blueprint with me.

Love it or hate it, shopping is inevitable. But guess what? It doesn't have to be a dreaded chore; it can be a fun and exciting experience.

At Beauticery, our shopping services are all about empowering you. I'm not just here to pick out clothes; I'm your guide, helping you practice what we've discovered in our previous sessions. We're on a mission to make shopping purposeful, enjoyable, educational, and oh-so-satisfying.

Together, we'll curate a wardrobe that reflects your unique personality, with items that harmoniously sing and dance together!

Discover the thrill of shopping, the joy of finding hidden gems, and the satisfaction of creating a wardrobe that's authentically you.


Join me on this exciting journey, where your style meets my expertise, and shopping becomes an art of self-expression.

I get it – your time is precious, and your style is one-of-a-kind. So, let's make your shopping experience effortless. Together, we'll unleash your savvy shopper.

Here are the three options for personalised shopping services I offer:

​1. Online Shopping Done for You                                                                                  Starting from just £60 for three items

  • We kick off with a 30-minute chat to understand your needs and budget.

  • With that clarity, I begin my hunt and create a digital catalogue with at least three suitable items for you to choose from.

  • Once you're happy with the selection, I'll send you the item links to make your purchases.

Please note: I might ask you to use specific purchase codes to earn referral commissions from trusted brands.

2. In-Person Shopping at Retailers Done for You                                                              Starting from 90 minutes for £129

  • Like online shopping, we begin with a 30-minute consultation to outline your shopping requirements and budget.

  • Once we agree on the budget, you transfer the funds to my business account, and I hit the stores for you.

  • Enjoy real-time item access and the ability to use your purchases immediately.

  • My in-person service also includes handling returns and collecting and dropping off items for dry cleaning and alterations. Rest assured, any refunded money is promptly returned to you.


3. In-Person Shopping at Retailers, Done with You                                                          Starting from 90 minutes for £159

  • This is the ultimate shopping experience, where I'm not just shopping for you; I'm shopping with you, offering a fresh perspective.

  • Benefits include expert guidance, introductions to new retailers, objective opinions on your selections, and real-time styling tips.

  • Fitting items on the spot saves you time and money on returns, all while avoiding impulse buys.

  • Forget aimlessly wandering stores; let's make informed choices and save time and money.

Please note: Shopping service fees exclude your shopping budget, transport, dry cleaning, and alteration costs.

Business Info

WhatsApp +44 777 674 2500

Edinburgh, UK

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