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Updated: Sep 28, 2023

It’s me in these "before and after" photos eight years ago. The photos were taken during my own incredible makeover experience. This transformational moment ignited my passion to delve into Personal Styling and Image Consulting as a profession. My sole desire was to empower women like you to experience the same extraordinary boost of confidence and self-esteem I felt that day when I desperately needed it.

Jo-Anne Thomson in a before picture, before her mummy makeover and the after pictures showing the results of the makeover
Before and after pictures of Jo-Anne Thomson

You see, I was navigating the challenges of embracing my post-pregnancy "mom body" while wrestling with the grip of depression. In retrospect, I realise looking back just how distorted my self-image was. During these moments of vulnerability, my husband surprised me with a birthday Makeover. I call it my "mummy makeover." Little did I know that this experience would reshape not just my appearance but also my self-esteem at a profound level. Seeing myself in a new perspective didn't only ignited hope that I could look and feel better but it also gave me a meaningful outlook on my future.

From this transformation, three remarkable changes emerged:

Body Image Reinvention: I discovered and embraced my unique assets, shifting my focus away from insecurities.

Radiant Confidence: Introducing vibrant colours into my wardrobe and uplifting compliments ignited a newfound self-assuredness.

Weight Loss Queries: People began asking me about my weight loss journey. It made me smile because nothing had changed, except I wore flattering styles that created a slimmer silhouette. It also motivated me to exercise more to manifest what they were seeing.

As I approach my 45th year with teenage non-identical twin boys, it's my moment to become the Personal Stylist I've always aspired to be. My passion lies in helping women like you to look and feel better about yourself by seeing your body from a different perspective and discovering a style that's authentic to you with compassion and a deep understanding of the ripple effect it will have on everyone in your life.

Regardless of your age or life circumstances, investing in a mommy or midlife makeover is a decision you'll never regret. As my husband often says, "Happy wife, happy life," and there's profound truth in that sentiment. Women play pivotal roles in every aspect of life, and it's our responsibility to radiate confidence, strength and positivity into our environments.

As you explore my website, consider the impact a mummy makeover may have on you, your family and your environment when you have a fresh, positive perspective of yourself and are dressing to your strengths and not feeling bogged down by only seeing all the parts that you're not so confident about.

I'm thrilled to announce that it's time for the Beauticery Win a Makeover Competition, where you can win a makeover worth £2000!

To find out more about the Competition and to enter by clicking on this link:

What are you waiting for? I can't wait to meet and take you on your mummy makeover journey. May you be blessed!


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